Thursday, April 4, 2013

Auburn should follow Coach Bryant's advice

Auburn again finds itself mired in a media firestorm of accusations.  Most Auburn people do not believe any of them.  They are pretty much alone in their sentiment, but they have the right to believe their side of the story.  The Ghostwriter isn't the judge or jury for Auburn's transgressions and doesn't mind if Auburn never gets in trouble, as long as they know their place in a 49-0 world.

Maybe surprisingly to some, The Coach presumes Auburn's innocence and thinks they could use some advice right about now.  They'd do well to take it.

The Coach reminded the Ghostwriter of a couple of articles in the Saturday Evening Post beginning in 1962. First, The Post, through a writer from Atlanta, accused The Coach of teaching brutality to his players.  Immediately, The Coach filed a defamation lawsuit against Furman Bisher (the writer) and The Saturday Evening Post.

Before that case ever got to court, The Post ran a second article.  This time, accusing Georgia Athletics Director Wally Butts and Coach Bryant of "fixing" a game between Georgia and Alabama.  Again, both Butts and The Coach filed defamation suits.

The Coach eventually prevailed in both suits, and collected $300,000 for his trouble (which, The Coach has reminded, was worth a whole lot more than $300,000).

Thus brings us to the repeated allegations against Auburn brought forth from sources ranging from random blogs to ESPN.  For each of these, The Coach has a solution he sees as Auburn's only hope for reputation reparation:  SUE THEIR ASSES.  If everyone from Jay Jacobs to your local veterinarian is telling the truth, Auburn stands to collect a healthy sum of money.  It would stand to reason that if Auburn chooses not to sue the writers of these articles, then there must be presumption of guilt.

It is time to show America the truth.  Let's see the facts in a court of law.  Auburn can only benefit from it financially, right?
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