Monday, March 4, 2013

Why Can’t Schools Dominate in Football and Basketball?

I really don’t have any solid answers for this and I hope some of you reading this will give your comments and opinions. I read an old article written back in 2011 that listed the top 20 football/basketball schools. The top 3 were Ohio State, Florida, and Texas,. So, why can’t  Alabama, Auburn, LSU, Georgia,… do this? Is it facilities, coaching, or what? I always assumed those who said our schools (SEC) are football schools and basketball takes a back-seat to football were correct.  This seemed to mean that schools can’t  dominate in both sports. Then, Florida happened. This is during the years of their SEC and national dominance in football. Now they are winning national championships in basketball. How can this be, and better yet why can’t Alabama/Auburn/Georgia/LSU… this?  All these schools seemed to have been on the right track at some point, then it just fizzles away. So, can these schools attract big name coaches or do they have to hire a “rising star” and hope he turns into a Billy Donovan?
Is North Carolina State a better job than Alabama/LSU/Auburn/Georgia? Yes
Is North Carolina State a better job than Florida?

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  1. If Julio Jones had played basketball, Alabama would have been in the Sweet 16 two years ago.

    Point is, Alabama High School basketball is at it's lowest point in recorded time. The level of the players is terrible, and the coaching at the high school level is terrible. This is a football state, and as football becomes a year-round sport, basketball is losing its better athletes to football.

    To illustrate my point, if there were a decent number of good basketball players coming out of Alabama, the state would have at least one good college team. As bad as Alabama is, Auburn is 10x worse! Alabama signed ONE PLAYER last year, and he was from Kemper Co, MS.

    In Bama's good years of the 70s and 80s, Bama had at least 2-4 players EVERY YEAR from the Birmingham area alone. Now, you'd be hard-pressed to find ONE. Do you think we've had that much of a reduction in talent in the Birmingham area? Or is it something else... like coaching and discipline?

    I realize that if the talent isn't IN-state, you must look out of state... but Alabama and Auburn basketball MUST be built with a base of in-state players... and there just aren't enough good ones here.

    Comparing Florida high schools to Alabama high schools isn't remotely relevant. Florida has at least 4x more to choose from.

    I hear you, I'm frustrated too... but you can't make chicken salad out of chicken poop... and right now, Alabama high school basketball is producing only the later.

  2. Great point Rob. As u know I'm frustrated as well.

  3. Great point Rob. Well living in the Peach State I can't necessarily say we have the same exact problem. The high school talent is definitely here, but the problem I feel we are having is that star appeal. Not only do we not have that great "I wanna play for him" head coach but where is the two attraction to bring someone to the Peach state? Or better yet keep them here in the peach state. Georgia hasn't been a constant competitor in the tournament in yrs. If I'm a high school senior trying to.decide on which scholarship to take, UGA is not going to be in my top ten because they don't have the prestige as a Ohio St.,Fla,Duke,or North Carolina. I know if I want to get my name out there as one of the best in the country I gotta leave home.........College basketball is such a quick turnover sport because of the one yr. College play before NBA. If a team can't promise me. Chance at a championship there is no need for me to consider them. Like Rob said the best thing for these to do is get some in state guys to show a full 4 yr commitment and help with the recruiting to bring along that next level of talent. Start a foundation.

  4. I agree Darius, I would look to go somewhere that has a good possibility of winning a championship real quick, or at least be in the mix.

  5. Rob and Darius, make good points and great topic Steven. One thing I will say, however is I don't think these players coming out of high school really care about NCAA championships anymore. I think we all know most of the elite players care more about the NBA Draft. The problem with that is, most players think they're elite. They're not in tune with the team aspect, or fundamentals of the game. That's the problem when you actually get a player on campus. I think lack of emphasis is one thing, but coaching turnover is the main thing killing SEC hoops. There is a reason why Florida is so good. First, Donovan, is just one of those special coaches that doesn't come along that often, but even he has had problems at Florida with attendance sometimes. The thing Donovan has that really no other SEC program has, including Kentucky though, is a system. He recruits to it, and he coaches to it. He knows which players fit and which ones don't. Calipari, doesn't keep players long enough, but he does very well with the elite players he recruits. We're now seeing what happens to him when the talent is down. There is no way ANY coach can just walk on campus and turn things around in a couple years, with a team depleted in talent. I think the future is bright, though. The SEC is filled with good upcoming coaches. Grant, Fox, Anderson, Cuonzo Martin, and Frank Martin are all quality coaches in my opinion. They have to get their systems in place. With lack of emphasis from the school in some cases, and the problem of talent level, it's tough. I just hope other schools don't start grabbing them away before things turn around.

  6. Good info Carey. I knew someone would have some good insight on this topic. Thanks for the comment.


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