Saturday, March 16, 2013

Bama Basketball can't get over hump, asking "what if"

As stated in the earlier post, this Bama Basketball team had a hump that it could not climb.  By turning a 10-point second-half lead into a 10-point deficit at the pivotal moment, the Tide substituted the roller-coaster ride forward into the wild excitement of the NCAA Tournament with the terror of having to look back on it's previous path.  What it will see isn't pretty.

Specifically, the loss at Auburn was as embarrassing and costly of a loss as there has ever been in the 100-year history of Alabama Basketball.  Never has Alabama lost to a worse basketball team in a game that had so much riding on it.  Make no mistake, if Auburn was as good as Montevallo in basketball, this would not have been as big an issue.  The fact that Auburn is SO BAD at basketball IS THE ISSUE.

IF Alabama had won that game, they would have been the #2 seed, and playing either Vandy or Ole Miss today in the semi... a game they would have easily won on a neutral floor.  So an appearance in the SEC finals would have been a given.  Yes, A GIVEN.  Furthermore, Alabama would not have even been listed as "last 4 in" in the bracketology.  It would have been safely in regardless of today's outcome.  That loss hurt them that bad.

The Coach is still in Anthony Grant's corner.  There's a fire about Coach Grant that he appreciates.  His recruiting has been good by SEC standards (look around if you don't believe it).  Bama finished top-4 in the SEC, AGAIN.  BUT, Coach Grant HAS TO WEAR that Auburn loss.  It has got to be such an embarrassment to him that he is reminded of it during every passing minute between the NIT and their next SEC game in January 2014.  The phrase "NEVER AGAIN" comes to mind from a another familiar embarrassment.

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  1. Nice post and good to see someone positive about Coach Grant. The Auburn loss no doubt was a killer, but in my opinion the thing that REALLY killed Bama was they only beat one team that's close to definitely being in the tourney. Villanova. A LOT of good teams lost games similar to that Auburn loss. Duke and Kansas have lost games by 25 or 30 points in the last couple of weeks. Kansas is for sure a #1 seed and Duke may be.

  2. Kentucky, at the time Bama beat them (with Noel), was a tournament team. Tennessee should have been, and Bama beat them twice... In fairness, they did have Ole Miss, Florida and Missouri each on the road with no home return game, and with SEC officiating means automatic losses on all three. Bama could have beaten at least two of those teams at home, if not all three. But...

    But your point is correct. Not a good resume, which is why they'll be pushing for NIT victories. Cecil Hurt made a great point today as well... Grant has got to start treating November and December like January, February and March. ALL games are important.


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