Wednesday, March 20, 2013

An Alabama Icon Stepped Down Today

Mal Moore, one of the SEC's biggest leaders and nicest men, stepped down as athletic director of the University of Alabama today.

Moore, who once played for Bear Bryant, can claim ten national titles from his tenure of player to coach to athletic director. Although he fought through a few tumultuous years as athletic director, in the end, he made the most impressive hire, quite likely, in the history of the SEC in Nick Saban.

I've had the pleasure of talking with Mal Moore on several occasions, and I can testify, that he is a genuinely nice person. Although he is going to continue in a role as an assistant, he will be sorely missed by everyone associated with the University of Alabama and it's athletic department. Whoever is brought in to take the place of Moore will have big shoes to fill. The good news is they will be taking over a program that couldn't be in a better position to move into the future.
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